Cultured Connections

Discover Your Regional Bioscience Community


We are fortunate in Oregon to have Oregon Bioscience, supporting the regional bioscience community.
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Fostering excellence in the veterinary profession


The veterinary profession, in both its public and private sectors, has a crucial role to play in confronting antimicrobial resistance, particularly in overseeing the prescription and delivery of antimicrobial products.
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We depend on our animals for health and happiness


Human health and welfare are closely aligned with the health of the animals that live with and around us. Human health and quality of life are impacted by our farm and service animal community, our companion animals, as well as the wild animals that live in the water and land around us. Equally important, animals also have a right to a healthy life!
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The burden of gonorrhea in developing nations


The global burden of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) to health and development is often overlooked as a public health priority. These infections, often silent and without symptoms, can result in serious or fatal health consequences.
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