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Distributors and Partners in Life sciences

At Biomed Diagnostics, our dedicated support team stands ready to provide product and sales training, as well as logistical and marketing support to meet the customized needs of our partners and distributors, like you.

All across the globe, Biomed's revolutionary prepared-culture media devices meet the unique needs of field based and point-of-care diagnosticians not just in the clinical and veterinary industries, but in industrial testing as well.  Our core products, InTray® and InPouch® are capable of combining collection, selective culture, incubation and viewable results into a single device. Available globally through distribution partner channels, these products help field personnel streamline their operations and processes, all while maintaining safety standards. 

If you believe that one or more of Biomed's products could be relayed through your supply chain, we would love to hear from you.  Our extensive experience in structuring logistics and ensuring regulatory compliance will assist you in bringing these products to where they are needed most. 

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Looking for a distributor in your country?

European Union

Numerous Biomed products are certified to European Standard CE IVD Mark.




Somagen retains exlusive sales and distribution rights for Biomed Clinical products in Canada.


Eastern Europe

Rybakova retains exclusive sales and distribution rights for Biomed Diagnostic products in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.


Setting up a distribution partnership.

To begin the process, you will need to set up an online account here ►.   

Benefits to an online distributor account:
- Access product documentation
- Set up shipping logistics   
- Orders and transaction history
- Initiate product and sales support
- Cobranded marketing campaigns

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