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Our goal was to Change the World…
of culture diagnostics

Biomed Diagnostics, Inc. changed the world of in-vitro prepared media culture testing when it pioneered and patented InPouch® and InTray®. Products which dramatically reduce lab costs by simplifying culture diagnostics while increasing accuracy.  

For over 30 years, Biomed Diagnostic’s innovative culture diagnostics devices have been trusted by veterinarians, clinicians, laboratory professionals in over 60 countries. Our company took shape over three decades ago when a group of physicians doing aid work in the remote areas of Costa Rica. It was there we discovered the need for robust diagnostic tools which could be readily available and combine multiple diagnostic steps in exposed, austere environments.

Rigorous quality standard and relentless attention to our customer needs  

We listen intently to you, our customers, to understand what is critical in diagnostics: accuracy, cost, speed to result, and ease of use. 

The success of InPouch and InTray devices in the field of culture diagnostics  is derived from rigorous quality standards, years of product development and trouble-shooting with our customers to refine and design each device to meet their needs. From testing everything from hospital acquired infections,  air- and water-borne disease, to parthenogenic fungi.   

Certifications and Registrations

We take great care in the engineering, manufacturing, and testing of our products. Because of this dedication, Biomed is fully certified to ISO 13485:2016, a comprehensive standard of quality management systems for Medical Device Manufacturers.

With this internationally recognized certification, our customers and suppliers have an additional level of confidence in our quality, reliability, and commitment to continuous improvement.  We understand that you depend on the quality of our products, and Biomed’s ISO 13485 certification guarantees the highest standards.

Additionally, Biomed is registered with The US Food and Drug Administration, and adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices Regulation - 21CFR Part 820.  Numerous Biomed products are certified with European Standard CE Mark.

Specimen Collection, Transport, Culture and Result…ONE DEVICE 

Biomed devices exceed in selectivity and specificity, while combining collection of the organism with selective culture growth, with transport, incubation and result -- all in ONE DEVICE.  Each of which has been designed to place directly on the microscope stage for optimal viewing. 

Global healthcare innovation is still our goal 

Today, we continue to partner with researchers, hospitals, humanitarian organizations, and laboratories the world over to design and develop prepared media in our unique devices.  Every high-quality product is developed to comply with regulatory requirements, regardless of industry or field. 

We stand with each of our international partners and customers to help navigate and comply with governmental import/export requirements and regulatory requirements of numerous health care organizations.

We’d love to speak with you

Please contact us to inquire, to learn more, or to suggest!  We are in the United States, in Oregon and we’d love the opportunity to speak with you.

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