Skin, hair and Nail fungal infections

Published on 09/23/2019

Nearly a billion people have a Fungal Infection of the skin. Fungus is the 4th most common illness on earth, after headaches and dental caries 

GAFFI is focused on improving outcomes for people with fungal diseases across the world. GAFFI is calling for 95-95 by 2025, the objective: 95% of patients with serious fungal infections are diagnosed and treated. Globally, over 300 million people of all ages suffer from a serious fungal infection every year. Ringworm is a contagious skin disease and its not from a worm! 

The scalp (tinea capitis), nails (tinea unguium), feet (tinea pedis or “athlete's foot”), or body (tinea corporis) can be affected. Despite its name, ringworm is caused by a fungus. Ringworm is caused by various types of fungi known as the dermatophytes. It is spread by direct contact with an infected person or animal (dogs, cats, guinea-pigs, cattle), contact with soil or by indirect contact with items contaminated by the fungus, for example clothing, towels, bedclothes, chairs, and toilet articles handled by people with the infection. 

Onychomycosis, a type of nail fungus, has been reported to be as high as 23% across Europe and 20% in East Asia. In North America, the incidence of onychomycosis is up to 14%, with fungal infection responsible for 50% of all nail disease.   

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