We depend on our animals for health and happiness

Published on 04/05/2019

Human health and welfare are closely aligned with the health of the animals that live with and around us. Human health and quality of life are impacted by our farm and service animal community, our companion animals, as well as the wild animals that live in the water and land around us. Equally important, animals also have a right to a healthy life!

In honor of World Health Day, we would also like to highlight the work of the World Organization for Animal Health - the OIE

The World Organization for Animal Health, comprised of 174 Member Countries, fills a critical need in our global community, for monitoring and providing support, for animal disease control – and communicating information about the evolution of these diseases and zoonoses worldwide.

Recognized as the leading international organization for animal health and welfare, the standards set by the Organization are accepted as a global reference by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The OIE supports national veterinary service organizations, elevating the exceptional mission that Veterinary professionals carry out for the benefit of human and animal welfare, and the entire international community. The OIE considers veterinary services to be an international public good. 

The OIE tries hard to persuade developed countries and financial institutions to show solidarity with poor countries and their veterinary services. This solidarity works in the interest of all as one single country infected by a disease can represent a threat to all other countries. 

Thanks to the instrument called “PVS”, the OIE actively assists developing countries, providing expertise and training of senior officials for the improvement and the implementation of animal disease control programs.

Learn more about how animal pathogens may be used as bioweapons or in bioterror because they have a high impact, are cheap, easy to acquire and propagate, and can be readily smuggled through border checks undetected.

Infectious disease pathogens found in animal populations and products are a serious threat to animal health, agricultural economies, food security and public health. 

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