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Culture Media Tests for Veterinary Use

Name Detects
InTray® COLOREX™ Screen E. coli | Enterococcus | Klebsiella | Enterobacter | Citrobacter | Proteus | Pseudomonas | S. aureus | S. saprophyticus.
InTray® PDA-FungID™ A. brasiliensis | C. albicans | S. cerevisae | T. metagrophytes
InTray® SAB-FungID™ w/ cc T. mentagrophtytes | T. rubrum | C. albicans
InTray® COLOREX™ Salmonella S. enteriditis | S. typhimurium | E. coli | C. freudii
InTray® SMA E. coli O157:H7
InTray® SAB-FungID™ T. mentagrophtytes | T. rubrum | C. albicans
InTray® DM T. mentagrophytes | T. rubrum | T. tonsurans | M. gypseum
Chocolate Eugon Taylorella equigenitalis
TF Transit Tube Tritrichomonas foetus
InTray® Brilliant Green S. choleraesuis: Enteridis and Typhimurium serotypes
InPouch® TF-Bovine Tritrichomonas foetus
Timoney’s CEM T. equigenitalis | E. coli