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InPouch® TF-BovineBiomed InPouch TF culture media for Tritrichomonas foetus diagnostics


InPouch® TF-Bovine

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For presumptive results of Bovine Tritrichomoas foetus

InPouch TF is a self-contained broth media device for the detection of Tritrichomonas foetus from bovine preputial or vaginal samples. The proprietary medium is selective for the transport and growth of T. foetus, and is widely known as the Gold Standard media for this STI. InPouch TF increases specificity by inhibiting the growth of yeasts, molds, bacteria and other micro-flora. Simply swab and inoculate the fluid within InPouch at the point-of-care.

Bovine trichomonosis is a venereal disease transmitted by the protozoan parasite T. foetus. The primary pathological manifestation of this infection is early embryonic death or abortion in impregnated cows. Cows show few other symptoms of infection, while bulls are asymptomatic. InPouch TF is designed to facilitate and simplify the detection of T. foetus as the organism is infrequently found in direct microscopic examination of clinical specimens, and serological methods of diagnosis are not reliable.


Simple Convenience
  • Combine culture, result and microscopic observation in one IVD device.  
  • Highly selective prepared media in a device designed for in-vitro specimen transport and incubation.
  • Rapid presumptive diagnosis of T. foetus in cattle
  • Recommended as a parallel test with other POC rapid tests. 
  • InPouch can be placed directly on microscope stage
  • PCR Compatible
Accurate Detection

TF medium is known to be effective in preserving T. foetus, T. suis, T. galliniae and P. hominis.

Time to Result

Incubate the pouch vertically at 35-37°C for up to 6 days. InPouch TF is designed for safe transport, if needed. Inoculated InPouch TF tests should be transported within 48 hours after inoculation and maintained at 15-37°C.


InPouch TF - Bovine has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture. 

Do not refrigerate or freeze InPouch TF tests. Upon receipt, store at 18-25°C horizontally, away from direct sunlight. Do not use expired tests. Do not use an InPouch test if the liquid appears to be cloudy, leaky, dark brown or dried.


Vaginal swab  |  Distal penile swab

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⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including including Iron Dextran and Chloramphenicol, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to

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