Chocolate Eugon - Prepared culture media for Taylorella equigenitalis

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Easy Identification

Chocolate Eugon - Prepared culture media for Taylorella equigenitalisBiomed Chocolate Eugon cultured media for Taylor equingenitalis diagnostics


Chocolate Eugon - Prepared culture media for Taylorella equigenitalis


Chocolate Eugon Agar with 10% Horse Blood (CEA-HB) is a non-selective media to aid in the culture-based isolation and identification of a wide variety of fastidious pathogenic bacteria.


Product Principle
  • Combine collection, culture, result and microscopic observation in one IVD device.  
  • Highly selective prepared media in a device designed for in-vitro specimen transport and incubation.
  • Rapid presumptive-positive diagnosis without re-plating.  Intray can be placed directly on microscope stage
  • Fully enclosed cassette with Tyvek® air filtration prevents contamination and exposure, post-collection.   
Simple Convenience
  • The InTray is designed for specimen collection/ inoculation at point-of-care
  • Saves time, material cost and waste, reducing exposure to collected sample
  • Place directly on the microscope tray for observation through the cassette’s clear anti-fog window
  • Selectively produces distinctive colony growth with typical identifiable morphology
Accurate Detection
Test Strain ATCC # Result
T. equingenitalis 35865 Small, smooth, yellowish grey,
cytochrome-oxidase positive
E. coli 25922 cytochrome-oxidase negative
Time to Result
  • 18-24 hours, incubate at 37ºC
  • 6-12 month shelf life (2-18°C)
  • Can tolerate extended periods at controlled room temp (≤ 25˚C), with no loss in performance
  • Vaginal Swab
  • Penile Swab

For veterinary and research use only.

Plates should be examined for contaminants after the first 24 hours of incubation.

Laboratories should be aware that certain countries and/or states may require prolonged incubation periods, or specific confirmation techniques as standard procedures. You should therefore ascertain the particular local and/or regional requirements for specific testing and reporting which indicate the specific isolation and testing methods used for their cultural findings.

Definite confirmation of any species requires a range of staining, biochemical testing, antibody agglutination or immunofluorescent testing.

Features and Benefits

Shelf-life and durability

  • Designed for long shelf life, durability and stackable for incubation, or 12 month storage. 
  • Preplated prepared media design for specimen collection/inoculation at point-of-care, and incubation.
  • Selectively formulated for accurate detection and identification of pathogens and non-pathogens

Key Features

  • Nutritive culture colony growth medium, formulated for selectivity and specificity 

You'll immediately experience a reduction in:

  • Time-to-result
  • Cost of laboratory materials 
  • Medical waste

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