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Save Time and Money ...
while improving the accuracy of detection and diagnosis.

Plus, you can reduce the risk of exposure and contamination with your culture testing. Veterinarians world-wide have trusted Biomed's InTray and InPouch for culture diagnostics of animal health for over twenty-five years.

InPouch TF is a self-contained broth media device for the detection of Tritrichomonas foetus from bovine preputial or vaginal samples. The proprietary medium is selective for the transport and growth of T. foetus, and is widely known as the Gold Standard media for this STI. InPouch TF increases specificity by inhibiting the growth of yeasts, molds, bacteria and other micro-flora. Simply swab and inoculate the fluid within InPouch at the point-of-care. Observation of 1 to 10 live, motile T. foetus is all that is required for a presumptive positive result.

This disease model predicted a reduction of 14 to 50% in annual calf crop, a prolonged breeding season, a reduction of 5 to 12% in the suckling/growing period, a reduction of 4 to 10% in pounds of marketable calf crop at weaning, a reduction of 4 to 10% in monetary return per calf born, and a substantial reduction of 5 to 35% in the return per cow confined with a fertile bull.

Effects on Production Calf production losses are the most common identifier in cow herds that become infected with Trichomoniasis. In newly infected herds, pregnancy percentages may drop off sharply, alerting herd managers that there is a problem. However, herds that are chronically infected may not see a significant drop in pregnancy, instead their average percentage may hover around 60 - 70% over several years. If herd animals are not tested to positively identify the Trich organism, infection related calf losses, decreased pregnancy percentages, and an extended calving season may be incorrectly attributed to drought or other factors


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Veterinary Diagnostics ... Simplified

Biomed InTray® and InPouch® culture diagnostic tests are specifically engineered for veterinary diagnostics - with a focus on infectious diseases. 

These ready-to-use, point-of-care, prepared culture media device require no preparation. Both InTray and InPouch are fully enclosed devices engineered for specimen collection/inoculation, incubation and macro or microscopic observation. With a long shelf life, these durable resealable devices can be used where, and when, you need them. Plus, you can view growth under a microscope without having to send to the lab or make a wet-mount slide.

Customers expect quick, accurate diagnosis and treatment for their herds, and Biomed's selective culture devices provide the rapid, reliable detection of selected pathogenic bacteria, yeast and fungal infections you need.




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