Veterinary Diagnostics

Culture media, simplified.

Veterinarians are under pressure to start treatment as soon as possible; and Biomed's selective culture devices provide rapid, reliable detection of selected pathogenic bacteria, yeast and fungal infections with presumptive species identification for improved patient care. 

Biomed's InTray® and InPouch® culture diagnostic tests are specifically engineered for Veterinary Diagnostics. The easy, ready to use, point-of-care prepared-culture-media device requires no culture media preparation and are ready-to-use.

Every product is a fully enclosed prepared media device designed for specimen collection/inoculation at point-of-care, as well as transport, incubation and macro or microscopic observation. With an extended shelf life, every resealable Biomed product can be used where you need it most — with your patient. And each InTray and InPouch can be viewed under a microscope without having to send to the lab. 

Applications include detection for zoonotic infectious disease, dermatophyte and fungal infections, yeast and urinary tract infections, as well as environmental monitoring of veterinary equipment for healthcare acquired infections 
Save time and reduce laboratory costs, while improving detection and accuracy of your diagnosis. You’ll also have the added benefit of reducing the risk of exposure and contamination with your culture testing. 

Veterinarians world-wide have trusted Biomed InTray and InPouch prepare culture media diagnostics for over twenty years.


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