Fungal Culture Media for Veterinary Diagnostics

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Dermatophyte test medium

Ready-to-use, affordable, rapid results that are easy to interpret! 

Accurate and Easy Identification

  • FungID is a convenient, in-house culture medium that provides a simple, rapid method for confirming diagnosis of dermatophyte infections.
  • InTray® DM-FungID is a single exposure system formulated to produce a red color in the presence of growing dermatophytes. 
  • The medium is formulated to produce distinctive colony growth with typical identifying characteristics both macro and microscopically. 
  • The medium inhibits most gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, yeast and saprophytic fungi. 


  • Ready-to-use diagnostic test medium — no preparation of medium necessary.
  • Extended shelf life, easy storage — InTray FungID have a 12 - 27 month shelf life (depending on product)  
  • Use directly at the point-of-care, and then culture in your own vet clinic. 

Rapid Results

With results as early as 48 hours after inoculation, you can deliver the immediate test results your clients want, allowing for prompt treatment of your patients.

At Biomed, we understand that fungal culture is the most accurate means of diagnosis.. FungID products contain very similar nutrients/compounds; however, the main difference is that InTray DM FungID's dermatophyte media has a ‘presumptive’ dermatophyte positive color change indicator, phenol red. This molecule gives a yellow color in acidic microenvironments and turns to red in alkali conditions. Dermatophyte fungi generally turn DM media from yellow to red as soon as the fungal colony can be seen with the naked eye. 

As standard procedure, most clinical labs use SAB w/CC as their primary plating media for dermatophytes. InTray SAB w/CC has the additional benefit of 100x magnification microscopy direct from InTray device — with no need for replating. 

InTray improves efficiency because the culture can be scanned directly for fungal hyphae that have distinguishing morphology (micro/macro conidia et al) that may be worth the effort of further work-up.  For some species of fungi, diagnostic morphology can be distinguished from InTray 100x magnification alone. Biomed can provide photo validation

InTray FungID is selective for:

Saphrophytic Fungi or Bacteria? 

A color change may occasionally be produced by a specimen heavily contaminated with saprophytic fungi or bacteria. However, differentiation from dermatophytes can be made as follows:

  • DERMATOPHYTE: A color change appears in the medium with colony growth—colony pigments are usually light colored.
  • SAPROPHYTE FUNGI: Colony growth is well established before any color change appears in the medium—colony pigments are usually dark colored.
  • BACTERIA: The morphology of bacterial colonies differs from the morphology of fungal colonies.

Dermatophytes are fungi in the genera Microsporum, Tricophyton and Epidermophyton. They are capable of metabolizing keratin found in skin, hair and nails of living hosts. The fungi characteristically may invade the cutaneous tissue of the living host but rarely penetrate the subcutaneous tissue. Tinea and ringworm are two terms commonly used to describe dermatophytes 

Validation Studies and Papers 

  1. Diagnostic microbiology in veterinary dermatology: Present and Future

  2. Medical Mycologists know that fungal culture is a critical to accurate diagnosis of fungal pathogens. 
  3. Preliminary results from the evaluation of a simple diagnostic procedure for the detection of dermatophytes in companion animals.
  4. Dermatophyte Infections
  5. Comparative study of different microscopic techniques and culture media for the isolation of dermatophytes.



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