Veterinary Fungal Culture Diagnostics made Simple

Published on 09/23/2019

In the past, culture diagnostics were difficult to perform in a clinician’s office — risk of contamination, preparing the media, and incubating in a sterile environment were just a small number of concerns. That’s not at all the case in today’s offices.

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Biomed’s InTray® DM-FungID™ brings easy culture diagnostics to the Veterinary office with its 27 month shelf life.

This selective enriched dermatophyte test medium provides chromogenic indication when Dermatophytes are present. You don’t need to be a trained microbiologist. Once the InTray is resealed after sample inoculation, it remains sealed from inoculation, through incubation and viewing on microscope stage (no re-plating needed).

Plus, with our provided Dermatophyte identification chart, it’ll be easy to match morphology to dermatophytes. 

InTray DM and DM-FungID have been reviewed by several un-biased third party clinical and veterinary microbiologists in published studies and technical reports.

At Biomed, we understand that fungal culture is the most accurate means of diagnosis.

Streamlined Fungal Culture Media Diagnostics

  • Ready-to-use, affordable, rapid results that are easy to interpret! FungID is a convenient, in-house culture medium that provides a simple, rapid method for confirming diagnosis of dermatophyte infections.
  • InTray DM-FungID is a single exposure system formulated to produce a red color in the presence of growing dermatophytes. 
  • The medium is formulated to produce distinctive colony growth with typical identifying characteristics both macro and microscopically. 
  • The medium inhibits most gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, yeast and saprophytic fungi. 
  • Ready-to-use diagnostic test medium — no preparation of medium necessary.  


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