Biomed Announces New FungID™ Product Line

Published on 03/14/2019

For over 30 years, Biomed Diagnostics has developed products of the highest quality and performance for the microbiology lab. Building on the success of our InTray® DM, we’re happy to announce the new FungID™ line of products for dermatophytes, fungus and yeast detection. 

Designed with a larger 2-inch tray, FungID condenses multiple steps into a single device which increases specificity by inhibiting the growth of both Gram+, Gram- bacteria and yeast.  Now you can sample collect, culture, observe and result in the stackable resealable tray that prevents media dehydration. And you’ll no longer need to re-plate, as you can easily observe the distinctive morphology via the anti-fog viewing window — thus reducing contamination risk as well. 

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