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InTray® COLOREX™ VREBiomed InTray Colorex VRE culture media for vancomycin resistance diagnostics



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Chromogenic Surveillance

There are two types of vancomycin resistance in enterococci. The first type is intrinsic resistance (mostly Van C type but also Van D, Van E, Van F, etc) found in E. gallinarum and E. casseliflavus/E. flavescens and demonstrates a low-level resistance to vancomycin. The second type of vancomycin resistance in enterococci is acquired resistance (Van A & Van B types), mostly seen in E. faecium and E. faecalis.

Therefore, to avoid the spread of this resistance to more virulent pathogens (S. aureus, for instance) it is crucial to promptly detect the presence of any of these two species in the patient, and accurately differentiate them from other Enterococci.

COLOREX VRE prepared plated culture media is a selective and differential chromogenic medium, containing vancomycin, intended for use in isolation of pure cultures of vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecium and Enterococcus faecalis (VRE) from laboratory samples. Further, colony color is used to differentiate transmissible forms of resistance (i.e., VanA & VanB resistance) from intrinsically resistant (i.e. VanC, VanD, VanE, etc.) strains.


Product Principle
  • Combine collection, culture, result and microscopic observation in one device.  
  • Highly selective prepared media in a device designed for specimen transport and incubation.
  • Rapid presumptive-positive diagnosis.  
  • Intray can be placed directly on microscope stage
  • Fully enclosed cassette with Tyvek® air filtration prevents contamination and exposure, post-collection.   
Simple Convenience
  • InTray is designed for specimen collection, inoculation, and culture observation
  • Saves time and material costs while reducing exposure to collected sample
  • Place directly on the microscope tray for observation through the cassette’s clear anti-fog window
  • Visual chromogenic differentiation
Accurate Detection

Specially formulated medium promotes growth and chromogenic differentiation

Test Strain


Colony Appearance

VancomycinR Strain

E. faecalis 52199 Mauve

VancomycinS Strain

E. faecalis 24212 Inhibited

Other Bacteria

E. casselifavus 700327 Blue or inhibited
E. gallinarum 49573 Blue or inhibited
E. coli 25922 Inhibited
S. aureus 25923 Inhibited
C. tropicalis 66029 Inhibited
Time to Result
  • Incubate at 37 ± 2°C (95-102°F) for 24 hours under ambient atmosphere.
  • Extended 6 month shelf life (2-8°C) from the date of manufacture
  • Can tolerate extended periods at controlled room temp (≤ 25˚C), with no loss in performance.

Research samples:

  • Fecal
  • Water
  • Environmental

Features and Benefits


  • Designed for long shelf life, durability and stackable for incubation, or 6 month storage. 
  • Once InTray is inoculated, no other culture preparation is required... saving time and cost. 
  • Designed for specimen collection/inoculation at point-of-care, a fully enclosed system for transport, incubation, result and microscopic observation. 
  • The sealed prepared media device is selectively formulated for accurate detection and identification of pathogens and non-pathogens
  • Visual chromogenic differentiation and/or selective production of distinctive colony growth with typical identifiable morphology 


  • Fully enclosed cassette with air filtration system
  • Nutritive culture colony growth medium, formulated for selectivity and specificity 


  • Time-to-result
  • Cost of laboratory materials 
  • Medical waste
  • Risk of exposure or contamination

Instructions for Use

Biomed offers extensive product documentation for each of our products. If you would like to review these, please see the Product Documentation section in the upper right of this page. 


For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

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