Neisseria gonorrhoerae organism

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With an integrated CO2 system

InTray® GC - Prepared Plated Culture Media for Neisseria gonorrhoeraBiomed InTray GC cultured media for Neisseria gonorrhoerae diagnostics


InTray® GC - Prepared Plated Culture Media for Neisseria gonorrhoera

Increase your workflow efficiency with the three-in-one, point-of-care, prepared plated culture media device that’s highly selective for Neisseria gonorrhoerae. Designed for optimal growth and recovery, its integrated CO2 environment has been carefully calculated for your needs. InTray GC’s nutritive transport system yields the best recovery of bacteria CFUs – for up to 72 hours when incubated. Developed as a sealed injection molded device, proper use and storage will conserve your laboratory space and eliminate contamination of your sample – all while reducing clinician exposure. 

Additionally, a recent study by the CDC concluded that InTray GC culture devices are superior for bacterial recovery, with minimal loss in viability. 


Product Principal
  • Combine collection, culture, result and microscopic observation in one IVD device.  
  • “Ready to Start” activatable 5% CO2 environment
  • Highly selective prepared media in a device designed for in-vitro specimen transport and incubation.
  • Rapid presumptive-positive diagnosis.
Simple Convenience
  • No expensive CO2 incubator required
  • InTray is designed for specimen collection/ inoculation at point-of-care
  • Saves time, material cost and waste, reducing exposure to collected sample
  • Selectively produces distinctive colony growth with typical identifiable morphology
Accurate Detection

Specially formulated medium is selective for positive growth of strains of N. gonorrhoerae, while inhibiting fungi and bacteria

Test Strain ATCC # Result
N. gonorhoeae 43069 Growth
N. meningitidis 13090 Growth
C. albicans 60193 Inhibited
E. coli 25922 Inhibited
P. mirabilis 43071 Inhibited
S. epidermatis 12228 Inhibited
N. sicca 9913 Inhibited
Time to Result

24 – 48 hours at 37ºC

  • Extended 12 Months shelf life (2-18°C)
  • Can tolerate extended periods at controlled room temp (≤ 25˚C), with no loss in performance.
  • Oral swab
  • Rectal swab
  • Genitourethral swabs
CPT Codes

87081  |  87088  |  87210

Features and Benefits


  • Designed for long shelf life, durability and stackable for incubation, or 12 month storage. 
  • Once InTray is inoculated, no other culture preparation is required... saving time and cost. 
  • Designed for specimen collection/inoculation at point-of-care, a fully enclosed system for transport, incubation, result and microscopic observation. 
  • The sealed prepared media device is selectively formulated for accurate detection and identification of pathogens and non-pathogens
  • Visual chromogenic differentiation and/or selective production of distinctive colony growth with typical identifiable morphology 


  • Fully enclosed cassette with integrated CO2 system
  • Nutritive culture colony growth medium, formulated for selectivity and specificity 


  • Time-to-result
  • Cost of laboratory materials 
  • Medical waste
  • Risk of exposure or contamination

Instructions for Use

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