URGENT Public Health Threat – 3 Alarms


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Neisseria Gonorrhoeae infection poses one of the most urgent threats of antibiotic resistance in the United States and the world.

The emergence of N. Gonorrhoeae strains resistant to modern antibiotics in daily medical practice is sounding an alarm throughout the health care community   There is only one class of antibiotics that is currently deemed an effective treatment for this devastating disease.

The second alarm is set off by COVID, which is ravaging health care infrastructure, and depleting testing supplies used in reproductive and STI screening.  

The third alarm warns that up to two-thirds of N gonorrhoeae infections in women who have oropharyngeal infections, are missed.  Read this significant finding in The Lancet.  A 2021 study published by  JAMA Pediatrics recommends universal screening for gonococcal infections in adolescents and young adults who used the ED for acute care. The rate of Gonorrhea infections is increasing dramatically in the age group 18-22.

Biomed Diagnostic’s has been partnered with STD clinics and health care agencies worldwide for over 10 years, in the fight against N. Gonorrhoeae and AMR.  Biomed’s diagnostic test – the InTray GC® is a prepared selective culture for detection of gonorrhea, an essential tool for AMR diagnostics.

The InTray GC is specifically designed for ease-of-use at the point of care and provides visual detection of the microbe.  The media is highly selective and specific to gonorrhoeae.  The InTray GC does not require an expensive CO2 incubator, and there are no requirements for replating of the culture for detection.  Inoculate the InTray, seal, and observe for microbial growth and color change within 24 hours. 

Biomed has increased production of the InTray GC due to the shortages in NAAT testing supplies.  The The CDC recommends culture testing in tandem with NAAT testing, due to the dramatic increase in AMR strains of Gonorrhoeae.  

For more information or to order the InTray GC, please visit https://biomeddiagnostics.com/prepared-culture-media/neisseria-gonorrhoeae or call 800.964.6466 . 


About Biomed Diagnostics  

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