Biomed Diagnostics Presents Critical Research at ASM Microbe 2024

Thursday, May 9th, 2024

Extending Viability Parameters for Trichomonas vaginalis Transportation for Improved Drug Susceptibility Testing

Extending Viability Parameters for Trichomonas vaginalis Transportation for Improved Drug Susceptibility Testing

CARLSBAD, Calif.— Biomed Diagnostics, a DCN Dx brand, is pleased to announce that their abstract, "Extending Viability Time and Temperature Parameters for InPouch™ TV Trichomonas vaginalis Transportation for Drug Susceptibility Testing," has been accepted for a poster presentation at the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Microbe 2024 conference. The research, conducted in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, provides evidence-based acceptance criteria for effectively utilizing InPouch™ TV to transport viable T. vaginalis parasites for testing protocols.

The study investigated the viability of T. vaginalis parasites in InPouch™ TV by extending both time (up to 4 days) and temperature (as low as 10°C) parameters beyond the current Instructions for Use. The results demonstrate that viable cultures can be recovered from InPouch™ TV devices incubated at temperatures as low as 13°C for up to 4 days after inoculation.

The findings have significant implications for healthcare providers and laboratories. By extending the time and temperature parameters for InPouch™ TV, the transportation of T. vaginalis isolates for drug susceptibility testing becomes more convenient and flexible. This means that providers can collect samples from patients and send them to laboratories with a wider window of time and under a broader range of temperature conditions, without compromising the viability of the parasites. As a result, more accurate and timely diagnoses and treatment options can be made.

"This research is a significant step forward in optimizing the transportation of T. vaginalis isolates," said Brandon Font, Research Scientist and Technical Services Manager at Biomed Diagnostics and lead author of the study. "By extending the time and temperature parameters, we enable healthcare providers to collect and send samples to laboratories with greater flexibility while maintaining the integrity of the specimens. This ultimately leads to more accurate diagnoses and better patient care."

The Biomed Diagnostics and DCN Dx teams will be available at ASM Microbe 2024 to answer questions about the poster and about their products and services. This critical research showcases Biomed Diagnostics' commitment to advancing diagnostic solutions and improving patient care.

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