with prepared-culture media

As new, and more highly resistant pathogens emerge around the world, the role of microbiology laboratories diagnosing infectious disease has become critical.  Time and choice are important decisions in the lab and choosing prepared-media culture helps you diagnose infectious diseases quickly, accurately and safely. 

Biomed’s line of InTray and InPouch devices offer an easy-to-use and fully enclosed system for lab safety. With media that is highly selective and specific to ensure accurate results. Every device offers the convenience of combined sample collection, transport, culturing and result – additionally, a recent study by the CDC concluded that InTray GC was superior for bacterial recovery, with minimal loss in viability.

Due to brilliant, optically clear materials, most Biomed devices can be placed directly on the stage for observation and microscopy. So, no wet mounts are needed – lessening the risk of exposure or contamination. 

Plus, InTray devices can be customized with nearly any prepared-media selective for infectious pathogens:

And Biomed’s COLOREX™ series of InTray devices provides single-step diagnosis based on chromogenic differentiation – usually within 24 hours.