Culture Diagnostics...

is still the Gold Standard

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Culture diagnostics is still the gold standard for effective diagnosis,
especially with the dramatic rise of antimicrobial resistance.

Antibiotics that have effectively treated many infectious diseases have become ineffective. Hence it is imperative to culture and identify infectious organisms, by strain, for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment


Simplify your process for culture media diagnostics

HAI’s present a major, but largely preventable threat to patient and healthcare worker Biomed has had one relentless focus for the past 23 years: to provide a simple-ready-to-use, accurate and safe prepared media device – for use in remote or low resource settings

InTray® and InPouch® were specifically engineered for field collection and transport by infectious disease professionals working in areas far from a lab. Designed for ease of use, any staff can be easily trained to innoculate InTray or InPouch with a specimen. Stability and culture growth is then maintained during transport at room temperature.


InTray and InPouch Prepared-Media Devices

  • Bring the device to the patient -- in the field or in the office
  • Sample collection, inoculation, transportation, incubation and observation — are combined in one device
  • Maintains sample viability from point of collection through result.
  • Ensure safety for both the sample and your staff; once inoculated there is no need to reopen — it can be transported, incubated, and then directly placed and viewed under a microscope through the optically clear, antifog window
  • Presumptive positive identification typically within 24 hours   
  • Reduction in time, materials, and loss due to spoilage: 12 – 27 month shelf life, compactness of footprint, no breakage or compromised samples.
  • Additional isolates may be harvested from colony growth in the InTray



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Quality in Manufacturing and Product Performance,
are priority #1.

All our products are:

  1. Made in the USA, using premium reagents and materials
  2. Manufactured under strict ISO 13485 certified quality guidelines
  3. Each batch is fully tested for verified performance over the entire marked shelf life


A Personalized Approach

Biomed takes a personalized approach with our customers — we listen and partner with you to meet the needs of your lab or clinic, and provide in-service product training. InTray devices can be configured with nearly any prepared-media selective for infectious pathogens.

Below is a short list of pathogenic organisms for which we’ve created strain-selective tests:

C. freundii    
E. cloacae E. aerogenes    
E. faecalis E. gallinarum E.casseliflavus E. faecium
E. coli      
L. ivanovii L. monocytogenes L. innocua  
K. pneumoniae      
N. gonorrhoerae      
P. aeruginosa      
S. aureus S. epidermidis S. saprophyticus S. xylosus
V. parahaemolyticus V. alginolyticus V. harveyi V. fischeri V. vulnificus
S. enterica S. typhimurium S. enteritidis S. paratyphi A S. dysgalactiae
S. pyogenes S. agalactiae S. pneumoniae
C. albicans C. glabrata C. krusei C. tropicalis
T. mentogrophytes T. rubrum    
T. vaginalis      


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