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InTray® and InPouch® prepared culture media devices are trusted by veterinarians worldwide to accurately detect and identify bacteria, parasites, and fungi. Designed for sample collection, transport, incubation, selective growth, and diagnosis of pathogens – the sealed device can be observed directly or placed under the microscope; eliminating the need for replating and reducing the risk of contamination.  The innoculated device is viable for extended period, unincubated, for transport to a lab. 

Engineered for veterinarians, every Biomed’s InTray and InPouch prepared media culture test simplifies the diagnosis of bacteria, yeast or fungal infections with highly selective media. Saving you time and money, while providing highly accurate diagnosis and lower risk. 

Now available for purchase:

TF Transit Tube          10 pack          WDDC Item # 130962


Find helpful videos and an instructional photo gallery on the TF Transit Tube page. You'll also be able to download the Instructions for Use. 

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