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Dr. Hemant Naikare

Laboratory Director - Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, University of Georgia in Tifton, South Georgia
Associate Professor, Department of Infectious Diseases, CVM

Photo by Andrew Davis Tucker/UGA

Dr. Naikare will be presenting an

Update on Laboratory-based Diagnostics for Feline and Canine Infectious Diseases

Dr. Naikare, a board certified veterinary microbiologist, has 18+ years of work experience in the field of diagnostic microbiology: classical and conventional methodologies to detect diseases of livestock, companion animals, zoonotic diseases, food safety and public health.

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To accurately detect and identify bacteria, parasites, and fungi. Designed for sample collection, transport, incubation, selective growth, and diagnosis of pathogens – the sealed device can be observed directly or placed under the microscope; eliminating wet-mounting and reducing the risk of contamination. The inoculated device is viable for extended periods, unincubated, for transport to a lab. 

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InTray and InPouch prepared media culture test simplifies the detection and identification of bacteria, yeast or fungal infections with highly selective media. This saves time and money, while providing highly accurate diagnosis leading to effective treatment 

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