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InTray® and InPouch® prepared culture media devices are trusted by veterinarians worldwide to accurately detect and identify bacteria, parasites, and fungi. Designed for sample collection, incubation and diagnosis of pathogens – every resealable device can be observed directly or placed under the microscope; eliminating the need for replating and reducing the risk of contamination. 

Engineering for veterinarians, every InTray and InPouch in-vitro device simplifies the diagnosis of bacteria, yeast or fungal infections with highly selective media. Saving you time and money, while providing highly accurate diagnosis and lower risk. 

InPouch TF-Feline 

Recognized by Veterinarians as “The Gold Standard” of culture media for Tritrichomonas foetus, the parasite responsible for the gastrointestinal infection trichomoniasis in felines. The proprietary medium is highly selective for feline Tritrichomonas, and highly specific – Inhibiting the growth of yeasts, mold, and bacteria.  

Feline trichomonosis is recognized to occur worldwide and is regarded as one of the most common infectious causes of colitis in the domestic cat. The infection is widespread in catteries and shelters. InPouch TF-Feline provides a rapid and accurate detection, with presumptive positive in 30 minutes.  

For rapid isolation and differentiation of dermatophyte
and numerous fungal pathogens.

Widely used by Veterinarians and Technicians for its ease of use and accuracy. With a highly selective for the growth of dermatophytes, InTray DM FungID inhibits the growth of both gram+ and gram- bacteria.  

InTray Colorex™  Screen

For rapid isolation and differentiation of urinary tract pathogens in feline and canine patients -- which account for a high percentage of veterinary visits. This single step diagnostic test makes preliminary detection easy -- producing distinctive color and morphology differences between selected pathogenic species within as little as 24 hours. 

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