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  • Biomed's InTray® and InPouch® provide an easy-to-use culture diagnostic test that can be performed right in your office — without expensive diagnostic equipment or messy plates, vials or slants. 
  • InTray combines sample collection, selective growth and detection of pathogens in one sealed device that can be placed directly on the microscope stage, eliminating re-plating and reducing the risk of contamination.  
  • The proprietary culture media is formulated for extended 12-27-month shelf life at room temperature. Post inoculation, the device creates a sealed, filtered, nutritive environment that prevents dehydration during incubation or transport. Culture viability is maintained for an extended time without requiring incubation. 

Biomed Diagnostics culture media tests save time and money, while reducing sample exposure and contamination.

  • Get a confirmation of a presumptive infection right in your office. Save unnecessary cost of multi-panel tests from a diagnostic laboratory.
  • InTray prepared media culture test simplifies the detection and identification of bacteria, yeast or fungal infections with highly selective media.

Simple to use for Veterinarian Technician and staff

  • See training videos, instructional photos, or download printed Instructions for Use on each product webpage 

Each Biomed Intray test is formulated to selectively detect and identify specific bacteria, parasites, and fungi.


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