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November 5th, 2018

Biomed Diagnostics and Somagen Diagnostics launch a unique partnership


Barbara Hurd, Director of Marketing and Business Development,
BioMed Diagnostics, Inc.
Email: bhurd@biomeddiagnostics.com
Phone: 541-830-3000

Simon LaMarche, Product Specialist
Somagen Diagnostics, Inc.
Email: simon.lamarche@somagen.com
Phone:  1 800 661 9993

Biomed Diagnostics and Somagen Diagnostics launch a unique partnership

Medford, Oregon.  November 1, 2018 - Biomed Diagnostics and Somagen Diagnostics begin a dynamic, exclusive partnership to make the revolutionary diagnostic InTray® and InPouch® culture devices available throughout Canada.

Biomed Diagnostics manufactures microbiology diagnostic test kits that save money and time and reduce sample exposure and contamination. Recognized worldwide are Biomed’s InPouch™ and InTray™ devices, which combine sample collection, culture, and transport into a single platform.

Biomed Diagnostics is the pioneer of InPouch® for Trichomonas vaginalis, which has become the Gold Standard for Trich testing in the U.S.     Trichomoniasis is the most common Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) in the world.  This pathogenic parasitic infection is now linked to increased rates of HIV transmission and increased incidents of cervical and prostate cancer. Trichomoniasis poses a threat to unborn children and is explicitly linked to premature delivery and low birth weight. BioMed’s easy to use and interpret InPouch® TV saves time, materials, labor, and provides quick results.

The company maintains patents for its packaging systems, as well as possesses proprietary formulas for a variety of culture diagnostic devices.      

“We are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Somagen Diagnostics”, states Amir Kanji.    “Staffed with experts in the fields of microbiology and health care, Somagen has a highly skilled team shares Biomed’s dedication to providing excellent service to our customers in the lab.  We share a mission to work with our customers to continually improve processes, lower costs and provide innovation in diagnostics.”

Somagen Diagnostics is a leading provider of Clinical Diagnostics solutions. Somagen continues to build on a 25-year history by challenging the boundaries of innovation and excellence in the industry.

Today Somagen specializes in a wide range of in-vitro diagnostic products to include Cellular Pathology, Assisted Reproductive Technology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Industrial Microbiology, Hematology and Immunology.

“Our unique focus has always been on expansion into niche markets within the clinical laboratory. A common theme among the products we represent is the leading-edge nature of the technology and strong partnerships with market leaders whose technologies are relevant in our evolving and complex environment.” states CEO Elena Lo Castro. “Somagen is committed to providing innovative diagnostic technologies that benefit patients by offering an early and accurate diagnosis. Our specialized sales and support teams are dedicated to finding comprehensive solutions for the specific needs of our diagnostic customers across Canada. Ultimately, our goal is to drive the improvement of healthcare by enabling clinical laboratories to meet the highest standards and demands of the rapidly changing healthcare environment.”

To learn more about Biomed Diagnostics and Somagen Diagnostics, please visit www.biomeddiagnostics.cominfosomagen   

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