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February 11th, 2016

Rapid Cow Side Fertility Test Now Available

January 25, 2016—White City, Oregon
Rapid cow-side fertility test now available to U.S. dairy producers
Biomed Diagnostics, Inc. today announces the release of P4 Rapid to the U.S.
dairy market. P4 Rapid represents the easiest way for dairy herd owners,
managers, and veterinary technicians to quickly and accurately identify the
fertility status of any healthy cow—in 5 minutes.
The desire for immediate identification of fertility status in order to properly time
the use of Artificial Insemination (AI) has long been a goal of herd owners around
the world. U.S. AI pregnancy success rates average only around 30% due to the
lower effectiveness of current estrus identification methods. P4 Rapid’s intuitive
cow-side, lateral flow design requires no special skills or training to use and
delivers accurate, near instant results through a simple visual reaction. P4 Rapid
represents a significant milestone and a dramatic paradigm shift from the slow
and expensive testing used in today’s dairy breeding community.
“The U.S. dairy herd owner is hamstrung by the limited accuracy of today’s
estrus detection technologies, which is limiting their ability to increase
insemination rates,” states Biomed Diagnostics Marketing and P4 Rapid Product
Manager, Eli Beard. “That inaccuracy results in wasted inseminations, reduced
milk production, and increased overhead costs.” He continued, “In regular use,
P4 frees up so many resources in the workflow of U.S. dairy operations, savings
in direct insemination costs may end up secondary to savings yielded in direct
labor and losses from high cost technologies that—without a validator like P4
Rapid—produce only semi-reliable estrus indicators for herd owners.”
Working in partnership with Ridgeway Science, a division of Ridgeway Research,
Biomed Diagnostics will provide exclusive sales and technical support for P4
Rapid to the U.S. dairy and genetics markets. Ridgeway Science Executive
Director Maggie Fisher offered, “The relationship between Ridgeway Science
and Biomed Diagnostics offers a symbiosis rarely found in the veterinary
diagnostics community.” Ms. Fisher continued by adding, “Being in partnership
with Biomed gives Ridgeway a connection to the reputation and relationships
Biomed has built over the years, that otherwise might be out of our effective
reach. Biomed’s excellent market relationship allows us to quickly deliver the
value of P4 Rapid so badly needed in the burgeoning U.S. dairy herd.”
When asked what drew Biomed Diagnostics, Inc. to the bucolic village of St.
Briavels, UK, Biomed CEO Amir Kanji replied, “One of the largest productivity
gaps in U.S. dairy production is in the use of estrus detection devices. Dairy
farmers are often left to guess whether or not to inseminate. P4 Rapid eliminates
the guesswork of insemination as well as brings cows back into production much
faster than other methods. It was a simple decision to reach out to Ridgeway
once we learned how easy and effective a solution they had formulated.”
P4 Rapid’s initial release will be to a select group of U.S. genetics producers who
will quickly begin to deliver value in both how and when the producers use the
high quality genetics supplies and service they provide. U.S. wide release is
expected shortly thereafter.
Ridgeway Science, a division of Ridgeway Research, located in St. Briavels
Gloucestershire, UK est. 1986, provides products and services to veterinary
productivity in the form of pharmaceutical testing and veterinary diagnostic
research and development. In business since 1986, their products are used
throughout Europe, Asia, the Near East, and India.
Biomed Diagnostics, Inc. est. 1989 in White City, Oregon is a boutique designer
and manufacturer of FDA listed and cleared human devices, as well as
veterinary, and environmental test kits sold under the trade names InPouch™
and InTray™, sold through distribution around the world. Biomed has served the
U.S. beef production community with the globally accepted InPouch™ TF Bovine
diagnostic kit for USDA overseen organism Tritrichomonas foetus.
For more information, contact:
Eli Beard
Marketing Manager—P4 Rapid Product Manager
Biomed Diagnostics, Inc
1388 Antelope Rd
PO Box 1366
White City, OR 97503
541-830-3000, ext. 1017

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