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February 11th, 2016

Biomed Diagnostics and Ridgeway Science enter marketing agreement for USA Sales

Biomed Diagnostics and Ridgeway Science begin a dynamic
partnership that will revolutionize the dairy market.
January 19, 2016
Biomed Diagnostics and Ridgeway Science, part of Ridgeway Research Ltd,
have struck an agreement that will transform the bovine dairy market. Biomed
Diagnostics is the pioneer of InPouch™ and InTray™ diagnostic testing and has
set the gold standard for bovine trichomoniasis assessment. Ridgeway Science
works closely with the veterinary, agriculture, and research sectors around the
world—leading the way in developing exciting new products and services as part
of its commitment to farming, animal health, and scientific excellence.
Eli Beard, Director of Marketing at Biomed states, “We are proud to announce
our partnership with Ridgeway. Headed by veterinary parasitologist and animal
scientist, Maggie Fisher, the company has a highly skilled team backing its great
reputation for quality results.”
Biomed Diagnostics manufactures microbiology diagnostic test kits that save
money and time and reduce sample exposure and contamination. Recognized
worldwide are Biomed’s InPouch™ and InTray™ devices, which combine sample
collection, culture, and transport into a single platform. biomedDiagnostics.com.
Ridgeway Science, based in the UK, develops superior products that help
farmers and vets produce greater profit at lower cost by achieving optimum
fertility. Ridgeway testing kits are recognized globally as the gold standard by
which all other products are measured. ridgewayscience.co.uk.
Maggie Fisher, Managing Director of Ridgeway, says, “Biomed’s commitment to
innovative, user-friendly test design has made its tests the go-to for many in the
beef industry. Together, our collective technologies will save time and money for
cattle farmers, especially in the dairy community, helping them achieve greater
profits through optimized milk production.”
Eli Beard
Director of Marketing
Biomed Diagnostics
541-830-3000, ext. 1017
Biomed Diagnostics, Inc.
PO Box 2366
White City, OR 97503 US

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