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What is P4 Rapid?

An easy and accurate in-milk heat test.

Accurate and well-timed heat detection is difficult- made more difficlut by the 30% of cows that show no reliable signs or behaviors.

Now, a simple test with P4 Rapid will confirm if your cow is in heat.  And, all it takes is five minutes in the parlor, saving you time & money.



P4 Rapid gives you clear and accurate information to help you manage the fertility of your herd

Used on its own or alongside other heat detection devices, P4 Rapid will:

  • Prevent mistimed insemination
  • Prevent incorrect calving dates and mistimed dry periods
  • Detect silent heats
  • Help you investigate poor fertility
  • Help you investigate non-cycling cows
  • Work alongside other heat detection methods to remove false positives


P4 Rapid saves you money

Add these benefits to the money P4 Rapid saves you on wasted straws, excessive technician fees and unnecessary culling.


Test your herd with P4 Rapid. Because it pays to be sure.




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