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What is P4 Rapid?

An easy and accurate in-milk heat test.

Accurate and well-timed heat detection is hard. Made harder by the 30% of cows that show no reliable signs or behaviors.

Now, a simple test with P4 Rapid will confirm whether or not your cow is in heat.  And, all it takes is five minutes.



Detect heat and fertility in 6 easy steps:

   Collect milk in collection tube     Swirl or shake tube to distribute fat      Extract milk with pipette

       Tranfer milk to test tube       Insert sample stick into test tube        Analyze result in 5 minutes


P4 Rapid will help you:

  • Determine optimal time for insemination based on ovulation cycle
  • Prevent mistimed insemination
  • Prevent incorrect calving dates and mistimed dry periods
  • Detect silent heats
  • Investigate poor fertility
  • Investigate non-cycling cows
  • Work alongside other heat detection methods to remove false positives​





Test your herd with P4 Rapid. Because it pays to be sure.



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