With STD's at a record high, CDC launches STD Awareness focused on Gonorrhea

Biomed Diagnostics offers the Gold Standard culture diagnostic system:

The InTray GC.

The InTray GC is a highly selective device allowing for simultaneous growth and identification of NG.

Results can be interpreted in 24 - 48 hours

The InTray GC has been deemed by a study published by Dr. John C Papp at the CDC to be superior with minimal loss of viability.

Intray GC

The InTray™ GC is a single exposure culture system with dynamic built-in components and features that are designed for simplicity of use and ease of detection.

A "ready to start" 5% CO2 environment Modified Thayer Martin medium, highly selective for GC allows direct microscopic observation of the culture with unique anti-fog viewing, superior incubation, and transport capabilities, Plus extended shelf-life without required refrigeration.

  • Self contained CO2 nutritive environment for optimal growth
  • Immediate growth by direct inoculation at point of care
  • 12 months stable shelf life at room temperature
  • Direct observation through clear window eliminates re-plating and minimizes contamination

Avoid Treatment Failures with Accurate Identification.

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Gold Standard InPouch Trichomonas Vaginalis culture testing that boasts the same efficacy as our PCR tubes.

The InPouch TV is a single exposure system, collection, transport, culture, and observation of T. vaginalis

  • Direct observation with microscope, or PCR Compatible
  • Reduced contamination, no need for wet-mount slides
  • Filled with BioMed's Gold Standard culture media
  • Increased specificity by inhibiting the growth of other organisms
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InPouch TV