InTray™ XLT4 (XLT4)


InTray™ XLT4 allows for the simultaneous growth and observation of non-typhi Salmonella from samples contaminated with fecal matter. The InTray™ XLT4 improves efficiency by inhibiting other contaminating fecal bacteria such as Proteus, Providencia, and Pseudomonas, which can lead to overgrowth. XLT4 agar demonstrates improved growth of non-typhi Salmonella species from specimens collected using environmental drag swabs. It has shown sensitivity comparable to Hektoen enteric agar with nearly 100% specificity when used to isolate non-typhi Salmonella from stool samples.

Visual Results: 

  • Non-typhi (H2S-Positive) Salmonella species – Black or black centered with yellow periphery        
  • H2S-Negative Salmonella species – Pinkish yellow
  • Citrobacter species – Yellow with no evidence of blackening
  • Other organisms – Marked to complete inhibition
Detects Non-typhi Salmonella
storage Refrigeration (2-8°C)
incubation 18-24 hours at 35°C


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