InTray™ Colorex™ O157 (O157)


InTray™ Colorex™ O157 is designed for simultaneous growth, observation, and chromogenic differentiation of E. coli O157 from clinical or food specimens. This device makes preliminary detection easy by producing distinctive color differences between the growth of E. coli  and  E. coli  O157 as well as other organisms within as little as 18-24 hours. The InTray™ Colorex™ O157 inhibits the growth of mold, fungi, and other bacteria.

 Visual Results: 

  • E. coli O157 – Mauve
  • E. coli - Metallic blue
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae - Metallic blue
Detects E. coli O157
storage Refrigeration (2-8°C)
incubation 18-24 hours at 37°C


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