InTray™ Colorex™ ECC (Escherichia coli and Coliform)

Escherichia coli and Coliform

The InTray™ Colorex™ ECC enables simultaneous detection, chromogenic differentiation, and enumeration of E. coli and other coliforms in food or water samples. Water contamination due to fecal coliform consists mainly of E. coli and thermotolerant Klebsiella. The fully enclosed InTray™ system enhances safety by preventing contamination and reduces exposure to collected samples.

Visual Results:

  • E. coli - Blue 
  • Other coliforms - Mauve
  • Other bacteria - Colorless or inhibited
Detects E. coli and other coliforms
storage Refrigeration (2-8°C)
incubation 18-24 hours


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quantity 5 Pack 20 Pack
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