InTray™ Colorex™ Salmonella (Salmonella)


With Colorex™ Salmonella medium, Salmonella spp. including S. typhi, are distinguishable by colony color. The test can be performed with samples of composed of mixed populations of bacteria, e.g stool, blood, biological fluids, surface streaks, etc. High sensitivity and specificity of the medium lead to a higher detection rate of Salmonella spp. Selective agents inhibit the growth of gram-positive organisms, yeasts, mold, fungi, and other bacteria, resulting in 100% sensitivity and 89% specificity for Salmonella compared to 78% specificity with traditional Hektoen Agar.

Visual Results:


  • Salmonella species - Mauve  
  • Other bacteria or coliforms – Blue, colorless or inhibited
Detects Salmonella species
storage Refrigeration (2-8°C)
incubation 18-24 hours at 37°C


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Salmonellamore images and videos: